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Chelsea-Anne Jones-Morris

Throughout my undergraduate studies, it became obvious that my main interest was the history and literature of the First World War, and therefore I was so pleased that, for my dissertation, I was able to research the poetry of the Great War in newspapers, diaries and letters. I am very grateful to the James Pantyfedwen Foundation for their support enabling me to continue this research during my MA course.

The MA thesis gave me an opportunity to study how the centenary of the First World War was noted in Wales. I asked questions about the manner in which the centenary was noted in Wales and how did that reflect the public memory of the war today; I also studied how the modern poets of Wales responded to the centenary. During the MA I have also developed valuable skills such as public speaking, as I contributed to the Welsh Department’s research symposium and presented by research to an audience.

I am interested in a career promoting the use of Welsh amongst school pupils and university students, and feel very grateful for the support of the Foundation during this last year!