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Llywela Edwards

I was extremely fortunate to receive a grant from the James Pantyfedwen Foundation to help with my tuition fees at Cardiff University, where I studied for a Masters’ degree in Devolution and Governance within the School of Law and Politics, and received a Cardiff University prize at the end of the year for the highest marks of the year.

When I received the letter offering a grant, I was over the moon, as I knew that I wouldn’t have been able to study without financial support. I thoroughly enjoyed my course, studying modules on Devolution, Welsh Politics, Policy in Wales, Welsh Governance, and for my dissertation, I assessed the efficiency of access to justice in the rural areas of Wales, compared to Australia and New Zealand. This subject was of great interest to me and was a wonderful opportunity to develop my knowledge of the subject.

I’m pleased to say that I have now started to work for the Welsh Language Commissioner, and am certain that the Masters I completed was a great asset as I applied. I had, during the Masters course, studied the Commissioner’s powers and had attained a great deal of background information. Starting a new post working from home without seeing colleagues is quite a challenge, but I am looking forward to this next step of my career.

Without the generous contribution from the James Pantyfedwen Foundation, I would not have been able to continue to study and possibly would not have been in this fortunate position of having a job. I am therefore very grateful for the grant and all the opportunities it has offered.