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Tomos Gwydion ap Siôn

Following my graduation from the University of Stirling with first class honours and two awards in Religion and Philosophy, I was grateful to benefit from a generous grant from the James Pantyfedwen Foundation. This grant enabled me to continue my studies by enrolling in the University of St Andrews’ prestigious MLitt course in philosophy – specialising in Epistemology, Mind and Language.

Studying at St Andrews was a wonderful opportunity that enhanced my analytical, critical reasoning, and research-oriented skills. The impact on my personal and professional development is clear, with the vast majority of my assignments, including my dissertation, receiving first class grades as well as outstanding feedback. Due to the Foundation’s generosity, I was taught and supervised by the best and brightest researchers within philosophy. For example, I was taught and supervised by Professor Mike Wheeler who is well known for his work in the philosophy of mind. In addition, Prof. Wheeler has also offered to support further PhD applications that I wish to pursue. Receiving a recommendation from such a notable figure in philosophy will significantly assist any further research-oriented goals and aspirations.

Throughout my studies I have demonstrated an aptitude for the philosophy of cognitive science and the philosophy of perception. This aptitude culminated in my dissertation thesis where I researched the admissible contents of visual experience from the perspective of the predictive processing model of cognitive processing, supervised by Prof. Mike Wheeler and Dr Alisa Mandrigin. My research was conducted at the cutting edge of philosophy and neuroscience, with significant potential for future research.    

The position in which I now find myself was supported and enabled by the generosity of the James Pantyfedwen Foundation. I intend to build upon this strong position by conducting further research in psychology before applying for a PhD position in philosophy of cognitive science, dealing with important questions concerning the nature of consciousness. I am deeply grateful for the financial support provided by the James Pantyfedwen Foundation which has provided such potential for the future.