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Sioned Erin Hughes

I doubt very much whether I would have been able to study for a Masters’ degree if it had not been for the financial support of the Pantyfedwen Foundation. I was very ill at the beginning of the academic year, and not able to work part-time to fund my studies. I can certainly say that the financial burden would have been so difficult without such generosity. The grant gave me peace of mind, and I felt privileged to be able to enjoy and immerse myself in such a wonderful course without having to worry about finances.

I was able to fully concentrate on three academic essays and a substantial creative portfolio. I gained the confidence to experiment with new styles and literary formats and dialects. I have always tended to be fairly disciplined and I had the opportunity during the year to write stories for younger children (7 -11 years of age). At the end of July, I published my first book for children entitled Y Goeden Hud with Gwasg Carreg Gwalch. But I must again emphasise that the year would have proved very different without the support of the scholarship.

I have had so much pleasure writing for young children, and am always amazed by the curiosity and imagination of each one. I would love to continue writing for this age group – books celebrating variety and including characters from different backgrounds. I hope to develop my creative portfolio further as I would like to publish books for adults too some day. I am also interested in editing and proofreading. I know that any career path can change direction, but studying for my undergraduate and postgraduate degree at Bangor University has shown me the importance of a workplace where the Welsh language and culture is at its core. I cannot thank Bangor University and the James Pantyfedwen Foundation enough for this last year; I am truly indebted to you and I shall always value your support and generosity and faith in me.