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Caersalem, Pontyberem

The members and deacons of Caersalem Church in Pontyberem would like to thank Pantyfedwen for their contribution towards the work done on the building.

The dampness in the church needed to be addressed, and scaffolding was erected to plaster the front wall of the chapel and parts of the ceiling and border; this took many months of detailed work to maintain the building’s character and image. Once the plastering had dried, the interior of the chapel, including the lobby and parts of the ceiling, was painted, bringing a new fresh feel to the building. A new carpet was bought for the stairs to the gallery, the lobby, the elders’ seat and pulpit, fitting well with the main chapel’s carpet.

Blinds were then bought for the large window on the front of the chapel, so that new technical equipment could be used by the church and the wider community. Two large screens and an iPad were installed in the chapel itself, and a new large screen on wheels was bought for use in the vestry. These resources are used regularly on a Sunday in the chapel, by the Sunday School in the vestry, and by other community groups who use the building from time to time.