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Finley Grimble

Thanks to this Trust, I was able to embark on my MA in History at Durham University.

It was an extremely enjoyable year in which I was able to greatly improve several skills. Firstly, I was able to develop a fine decorum and manner due to the grace of the collegiate dinners hosted at Durham University. This mannerism will prove invaluable in later life I am sure. Secondly, because of this grant I was able to travel to Paris to research at the Archives of Foreign Affairs. As a consequence, I have been able to look at the sources first hand and improve my French a lot. I am ever so grateful for the funds provided, as otherwise this probably would not have been possible. I also was able to generally grow as a person and enjoy living away from my hometown, travelling around the local area and learning the history of the North East.

I am now working in London as Business Development Executive, where I use the language developed at Durham, the mannerisms in conducting business and the confidence levels I grew over the course of the year.

Again, I must thank the Trust for the help, and acknowledge that my position today is very much due to the assistance. I would suggest any Welsh student endeavouring upon an MA ought to apply.