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Caroline Jones

I commenced my MSt Music (Musicology) in October 2018 at St. Cross College, Oxford University, having previously completed my BMus undergraduate degree at Cardiff University. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Oxford; being afforded the opportunity to attend one of the world’s most prestigious universities truly enriched my knowledge, both within my subject area and the wider academic world. I was able to explore areas of musicology that I hadn’t previously been able to, such as ancient music and the connections between music and philosophical thought. Due to the intense nature of my course I was also able to develop my time management and organisational skills, which I will continue to develop in the future.

Alongside my studies, I was able to attend a wide variety of seminars held by the university, headed by world renowned academics and on a variety of interesting subjects. One particular seminar that I regularly attended centred around Medieval and Renaissance music, held at All Souls College; these seminars opened up avenues for my own musicological research, and I was able to learn so much to aid in the development of my own work. Additionally, attending Oxford was a significant personal experience for me; I had wanted to study there since beginning secondary school, and I feel immense pride in being able to say that I succeeded in my aim.

The financial support of the James Pantyfedwen Foundation had a profound impact on my time at Oxford. Without their very generous help, it is likely that the experience would have been unaffordable for me, and I was allowed the opportunity to fully embrace my time at Oxford without worrying about working to support myself. I cannot thank the Foundation enough for their support, and I will forever be grateful for the fantastic year I have experienced as a result of their generosity.