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Manon Gwynant

After studying for my undergraduate degree in Welsh at Bangor University, I decided to continue my studies and research for a Masters degree in the same department. My undergraduate dissertation had concentrated on the late Gwyn Thomas’ translation of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru’s latest production of the play. This led on to my Masters’ dissertation on Welsh translations of Shakespeare’s plays in general, and I was pleasantly surprised with the number of un-studied translations available.  I was grateful to Pantyfedwen for their grant, to Bangor University for accepting me on the course, and for the opportunity to advance my research and learn more about translating in general as well as translating the works of Shakespeare.

I have gained so much from studying on a postgraduate level, and have enjoyed being able to follow many new and various ideas, honing my research and academic skills. I have studied many new aspects of literary criticism such as feministic and post-colonial criticism, and had the opportunity to read and study literary works from all parts of the world and research the relationship between various languages and cultures. I was also privileged to attend conferences such as the Celtic Congress at Bangor in June of this year and Gwyn Thomas’ Memorial Conference in 2018.

I have now commenced my PhD work at Bangor, concentrating on the work of J. T. Jones, who translated five of Shakespeare’s plays amongst many other works. The PhD is funded by the AHRC Celtic Centre and I’m looking forward to continue the research within a fairly new academic field. None of this would have been possible with the support of Pantyfedwen during my Masters’ course and I am indebted to the Foundation for their support and generosity.