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Rhys Gwilym Jones

The Pantyfedwen Scholarship allowed me to study for a Masters’ degree in Spatial Planning and Development at Cardiff University. I was pleased to receive the Scholarship as it provided an opportunity for me to continue my studies and refine my knowledge and planning skills in a course recognised by the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI).

The course analysed numerous aspects of planning to prepare us for the world of work, with a mixture of individual and group work. In a group, I studied current developments such as the imminent South Wales Metro. We decided to study its impact on the older generation of the Valleys as they had been overlooked in its development so far. The findings were passes on to the developers of the Metro.

Receiving the scholarship reduced the financial burden of further studies, allowing me to search for voluntary work to enhance my knowledge of the planning world, which I was fortunate to find. The experience has since developed into a full-time role in a planning consultancy who are also supporting me towards my RTPI accreditation. This would have not been possible without the Scholarship and for that I am truly grateful.