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Isobel Ford

My Masters at Oxford was incredibly enriching and has provided me with many opportunities that I wouldn't have had previously. I thoroughly enjoyed the course (English Literature) and I feel it has added a lot to my education. I regularly went to extra seminars led by the English department and gained wider knowledge of eighteenth century literature, taught by some of the best English academics in the country. Even now, I am still so proud that I had the opportunity to study there. The James Pantyfedwen Foundation had a huge impact on my studies. In terms of finance, I felt very secure while studying and it allowed me to fully appreciate the experience. It also meant I did not have to take up part time work which I was told would impact my time and studies. 

Studying at Oxford also gave me an opportunity to enjoy extra-curricular activities which have developed my confidence and interpersonal skills. I was the secretary for St Anne's College Middle Common Room, and began coxing for the rowing club, which I learnt in my first term and still continue in my spare time for the Oxford City Rowing Club.  

From July 2018, I worked at Oxford University Press, originally as a sales administrator, and then as Inside Sales Representative for Higher Education. It is an incredibly prestigious place of work, and has a very good reputation. In October, I will begin a new role in Merton College, University of Oxford. It is so rewarding to be employed by such a prestigious and established institution.  

In the next few months, I will be applying for PGCEs in order to qualify as an English Teacher; I hope to instil in young people an appreciation for English Literature. I firmly believe that we are all capable of achieving our aspirations when we push ourselves and believe in our abilities. However, this is difficult without the support of others. I would like to firmly thank the James Pantyfedwen Foundation for being one of the pillars of support that has allowed me to achieve my own aspirations. Thank you!