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Daniel Adams

In 2015, Daniel Adams received a Pantyfedwen grant to support his MRes course in Cancer Sciences at the University of Birmingham, and was grateful for the first real taste of what a research career entails. “Throughout this degree, I delved into the past and current therapies for cancer treatment as well as gained an in depth look at the true intricacies of cancer development and research. Through my time, I was able to undertake a cancer immunology research project entitled Investigating the Role of the Natural Killer Cells in the control of the Oncogenic Virus, The Epstein-Barr virus. This work enabled me to identify more about the world of cancer immunology and re-affirmed my commitment that cancer immunology is the potential hope for a cure that is so desperately needed. This Masters has indeed confirmed that research is my calling and I will endeavour to complete a PhD in Cancer immunology before going in to research within this field.”