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Rebecca Rhydderch-Price

I was very grateful to receive a grant from the James Pantyfedwen Foundation to help with my course fees. Without this support, I would not have been able to accept the offer to commence a Masters’ course in Shakespearian Studies in the Globe Theatre and Kings College, London. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it was a privilege to be taught by experts in their academic fields. I now plan to start a PhD course in twelve months’ time, to further the research I did for my Masters dissertation. I am trying to analyse how the portrayal of the human body in contemporary plays corresponds with recent scientific developments and the way scientists change and experiment with bodies by means of biotechnology. As well as continuing with my studies, I hope to start working with children and introduce them to Shakespeare’s work by means of practical theatre. The aim is to create a safe, fun and educational atmosphere where young people can express themselves in a creative way by using the poet’s plays to learn about the nature of humanity and global concepts such as love, anger, friendship and revenge.

I feel so fortunate to be able to discuss the experiences I have had over the last year and my plans for the future. Without any doubt, it was the Pantyfedwen grant that made all this possible, and therefore I would like to sincerely thank the Foundation for helping me realise my ambitions.