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Arddun Rhiannon Arwel

After completing my BA course in Welsh at Bangor University with a First Class Honours, I decided that I would like to continue my studies and move to Cardiff University to commence an MA in Welsh and Celtic Studies. I am very grateful to the James Pantyfedwen Foundation for the financial support they offered for this postgraduate year. The MA course gave me an opportunity to conduct research on subjects which really interested me, such as contemporary literary criticism, language demography and sociolinguistics, but it has also helped to develop my transferrable skills such as presenting to various audiences and strengthening my analysing skills. These will hopefully be worthwhile as I search for a full-time post.

I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of modules available on this course, from Contemporary Literature to Sociolinguistics. This gave me plenty of scope as I chose a topic for my Dissertation, and decided to study the conditions that facilitate the use of Welsh in workplaces.

Receiving a scholarship from Pantyfedwen certainly lightened the financial burden considerably and gave me peace of mind during the year. I therefore greatly appreciate the support I received from the Foundation.