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Timothy Johnston

A grant from the James Pantyfedwen Foundation funded my studies at the University of Bristol, on their Masters course ‘Composition of Music for Film and Television’. Whilst there I studied a broad range of industry-focused topics – media music aesthetics, recording and production skills (based in the University’s professional-grade studios), audio-restoration, and the academic narratological analysis of film. I also studied contemporary classical composition during my time at Bristol, with Professor John Pickard, and I have had my music performed several times by a professional ensemble, as well as by a number of student and amateur performers.

Studying on the course gave me invaluable skills for a career in the media industry, and I particularly benefitted from the access to professional equipment. I gained hands-on experience working on the music for a range of student, amateur, and professional film makers, scoring a wide variety of styles including animation, documentary, drama short, and a computer game. In addition to my curricular projects, I also took the opportunity to develop my interest in traditional music, culminating in producing my first EP with the folk trio I started at the beginning of the year (soundcloud.com/thenthdegreeuk/sets/consilience). Throughout the year, I also performed with several other ensembles; the University’s baroque orchestra (specialising in 17th and 18th-Century repertoire), and a student-led local church choir.

Looking to the future, I am continuing to develop my portfolio of work within media composition, and have already been commissioned for several projects through contacts I made over the course of this year. This includes my first feature film – a feature documentary, produced in Wales, on the life of 17th-Century theologian Matthew Henry.

I am extremely grateful to the Foundation for facilitating this opportunity for me to pursue postgraduate study, and to develop my professional skills.