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St Dingat's Church, New Tredegar

St Dingat’s church has undergone an extensive renovation during these last few years thanks to the support of the James Pantyfedwen Foundation and many other grants and donations.

The building had extensive work done to renew the roof - replacing more than half of the roof with new Welsh slate tiles. The heating efficiency of the building has significantly improved with the insulation that has been added to the roof space.

The interior of the church was completely stripped of its old plaster, and the walls and ceiling of the church were painted a shade of white which has created a bright, warm and airy church which many in the community have been wowed by.

The floor in the nave under went restoration to revive the wooden tiles while much more extensive work than anticipated. In the course of doing this some beautiful Victorian tiles were uncovered which have been beautifully restored by Taliesin Conservation, our main contractors.

The electrics were renewed and new lights installed to dramatically improve the lighting in the whole church, allowing the ability to dim the lights and create suitable lighting environments for the different variety of events and services held in the church. They were also able to install sky lights which has brought in more natural light to the building.

According to Leah Philbrick, the Team Vicar, “We have already seen the impact of the work that has been done in the response of the community to the events we have been able to hold and we look forward to building what we have achieved already”.