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Nicholas Witts

Having come to the end of my time studying my MSc in Science, Media and Communication, at Cardiff University, I can wholly say that it has been a year that has benefited me in terms of knowledge development and in terms of developing new practical skills that will be transferable to the workplace. 

Having studied journalism at undergraduate level, the prospect of engaging with science and the hard sciences was something I was both excited and nervous about. It has given me the chance to engage with topics I previously would never have engaged with, and it has no doubt opened more doors for me. As a result of this aspect of the course, I have been able to undertake a period of freelance written work concentrating specifically on health writing.

The practical skills I have learned on the course have also allowed me to set up my own blog and website which I am actively writing on at the moment as I look to build up a portfolio of written work on my area of passion, climate change. The website is available at: https://nickwittspublishing.wordpress.com.

After I complete and submit my dissertation I will be starting another period of freelance work for the Dow Jones. My role will encompass writing up due diligence reports for sporting establishments and analysing risk. I am particularly excited to get started, and its especially suitable given my dissertation largely centred around the idea of risk.

The grant from the James Pantyfedwen Foundation is something I am extremely grateful for as it made continuing in higher education possible.