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Elin Tomos

I graduated from Aberystwyth University with a First Class Degree in History with Welsh, and as I had thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to research, plan and write my undergraduate dissertation, I decided to follow an MA course in Welsh History. I received excellent teaching through the medium of Welsh from experts in their fields. Many of the core MA modules had been created specially to develop research historiography skills and these have been valuable as I prepared my thesis on ‘Y mae y lle yn iach, ac ni bydd yma heintiau’: darpariaeth iechyd yng nghymunedau chwarelyddol Dyffryn Peris, c. 1875-1900’ which looks at the health and wellness provisions in the quarrying communities of Dyffryn Peris during the last quarter of the nineteenth century. Selections of my research can be seen on the website of the Quarry Women’s Project: https://www.merchedchwarel.org/gwaith-merched-ysbyty-chwarel/

My favourite module during the Masters’ course was the professional academic module Gweithio gyda Hanes/Working with History, and I spent some time in the Education Department of the National Library of Wales and in Penrhyn Castle, which is run by the National Trust. I am now a member of the staff team at Penrhyn Castle working as Visitors’ Assistant, and really enjoying the work. I was able to secure this post following my work experience at the castle and because of the skills and essential experiences I had during the MA, which all confirmed my desire to work within the heritage sector in Wales.

I would like to sincerely thank the Foundation for the grant; being awarded the Pantyfedwen scholarship was a huge boost, financially and personally. The fact that the Foundation were willing to invest in my studies made me feel that my research was worthwhile.