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Dewi Siôn Alter

I was so grateful to received a grant from the James Pantyfedwen Foundation to help with my MA Welsh and Celtic Studies at Cardiff University. During the course, I developed academically to ask more questions, to understand texts anew and use various means of studying. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to specialise in a field of my choice, the early modern period, a period which has generally been overlooked.

I am now starting my PhD studies at Cardiff University having received a full grant by the South West and Wales Doctorate Training Programme under the sponsorship of the AHRC. I’m looking forward to be part of the programme and to share information about Wales with a new audience further afield. My PhD will concentrate on the first history books in Welsh: Ffydd Ddiffuant (1677) written by Charles Edwards, Drych y Prif Oesoedd (1716 and 1740) by Theophilus Evans and Drych yr Amseroedd (1820) written by Robert Jones Rhoslan. I will study these texts and try to assess whether they express or create a national memory for the Welsh people during their times.