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Anna Powys

I submitted my research thesis to the School of Welsh at Cardiff University at the end of September 2018. This thesis included three studies. The first was a sociolinguistic study following the historical and sociological development of the Welsh Settlement in Patagonia, under the supervision of Dr Iwan Rees. The second stage was the study of Welsh poetry written about Cardiff, according to the postcolonial theory, and the third and main part of my research was a contribution towards stylism work in Welsh, looking at the various styles and registers of Welsh translations, and the approaches of translators towards these differences.

As part of the postgraduate course, I also had a period of work experience with a variety of departments within Cardiff University, looking specifically at their approaches to the Welsh language. Part of this time was spent within Cardiff University’s Translation Unit, and when a permanent post was advertised within that department, I was fortunate enough to be appointed. Without the support to study the MA, I would never have been able to apply for such a post and I would not have had any relevant experience. I would like to thank the James Pantyfedwen Foundation most sincerely.