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Lowri Havard

As I studied for my undergraduate degree, and decided to submit my undergraduate dissertation on the work of Professor Gwyn Thomas, I saw that further research needed to be done on the work of this important Welsh poet and scholar. I’m truly grateful to the James Pantyfedwen Foundation for supporting me with this work by awarding a grant for my MA by Research in Swansea University.

I have benefitted greatly from my MA study – there have been many opportunities to develop my transferable skills, and to develop my public speaking skills, as I had to lecture and lead discussions with 6th form pupils and undergraduate students and present my research in Research Symposiums. I followed the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol Research Skills Programme and attended the Gwyn Thomas Memorial Conference in Bangor. I was also thrilled to receive the 2018 Gwyn Thomas Memorial Prize for my dissertation.

I have now transferred from the MA programme to a PhD and have been able to get full funding from the AHRC Celtic Consortium. But this would not have been at all possible without the Pantyfedwen award – thank you very much indeed!