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Rhodri Evetts

The purpose of the research conducted as part of my Masters degree was to address a question that has remained unsatisfactorily resolved for over 200 years, the evolution of the unique pelage of the zebra. Over the course of my studies I had hoped to further our understanding of the evolution stripiness in zebra and humbly submit that I have done so. This would not have been possible without the support of the James Pantyfedwen Foundation.

My research took me to South Africa, specifically Addo Elephant National Park. While undertaking this work I became proficient in a number of field techniques that I had never had the chance to use in the U.K, and had a chance to indulge my love of watching wildlife whilst conducting fieldwork. This was a fantastic experience. The work in South Africa enabled my co-workers and I to collect a completely unique database of zebra within a national park, with over 90% of the population being captured in our sampling. This has enabled the question of the evolution of stripes to be addressed in the most direct form since it was first raised. It is my hope that I can, in the future, use this experience to better aid conservation efforts in the UK and hope to gain employment in the field.