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St Fagan’s Church, Aberdare

The congregation of St Fagan’s Church are most grateful to the Trustees of the James Pantyfedwen Trust for the generous grant given to help with repair and improvement works to the church.

The first phase of the work was to treat dry rot which had infected the east side of the south porch, leading to rotten timbers, and the door frame around the south doors. The roof of the porch was repaired, the rotten timbers were replaced, the east wall of the south porch was re-plastered and re-painted, and the walls either side of the south doors were also re-plastered and re-painted.

The next phase was to replace the frame around the south doors and re-organise the whole south entrance. In place of the old solid timber doors we have installed timber-and-glass doors, and where there were previously wrought iron gates, we have installed new solid timber doors. This new arrangement means that for services and other events the outer doors can be left open, and the inner ones closed to keep the heat in; but the glass doors let a lot of natural light into the church and of course it makes for a more welcoming vista for visitors and worshippers.

Finally, a new set of stone steps has been constructed which was necessary upon the new arrangement of doors

Everyone has commented favourably on the new steps and doors. We are pleased that a project that began out of necessity – the treatment of the dry rot – has enabled us to significantly improve our church and the welcome we are able to give to those who come.