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Church Buildings

The James Pantyfedwen Foundation regularly supports chapels and churches from all parts of Wales by offering grants to renovate and develop their buildings. Although applications for maintenance work are not excluded, priority is given to building improvements and especially where the building work is related to the life and mission of the church. The highest priority will be given to those projects which demonstrate a clear link with the mission and outreach plans of the church, and where there is evidence of sharing church buildings, such as the coming together of a number of traditions to create a new and united congregation. These priorities are of course in accordance with the vision of Sir David James, the founder and benefactor of Pantyfedwen.

Here are a few examples of churches which have received Pantyfedwen grants over the last decade.

Newbridge.jpg   Newbridge 2.jpg

Tabernacle Baptist Church, Newbridge

 A 158-year-old former church and schoolroom building adjoining Tabernacle Baptist Church in Newbridge had been almost derelict since the 1960’s and was proving to be a major headache for the church leaders. Already engaged in an active programme of children and youth work and running a community luncheon club for over 50’s,  the church  realised that additional facilities were needed for its own growing range of activities and in the wider locality generally. This prompted the vision to transform the rear building into a centre for use by groups in the community as well as the church itself. Work on the project took 15 months to complete, and was supported by the Welsh Government’s Community Facilities Programme, Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Community Regeneration Fund, the James Pantyfedwen Foundation, Tabernacle church members and friends, and invaluable help and support was also received from a number of other organisations and individuals.

Now renamed the Newbridge Vision Centre, the first-class facilities available for hire include two large halls, smaller meeting rooms, a computer suite and an accessible training kitchen. Tabernacle minister the Rev Peter Cho said: “We are really excited about the new opportunities these facilities will provide to enhance the quality of life of people in the community and our own programme of church activities which are very much community-focused. We thank God for His wonderful provision in this project and we give Him all the glory.”


   Hope Church February 2018 1.jpg

Hope Church Newtown

This church in Newtown, Powys, had outgrown its premises and received a major grant from the Foundation to support a new church building project. Its involvement in a range of local and UK wide mission initiatives was impressive, and in a community valuation, organised by Powys County Council a few years ago, it was estimated that the value of the voluntary activities delivered to the local community in 2013 was more than £290,000.

St Mary the Virgin Church in Halkyn


St Mary the Virgin Church in Halkyn

The Church of St Mary in Halkyn received a Pantyfedwen grant to help with the installation of a kitchen area at the west end of the north aisle of the church. The kitchen has been designed to match the existing oak fittings of the church and to avoid looking like a kitchen when out of use. This facility will be a great advantage as the church supports its own fellowship and it community outreach work through various events and initiatives.

Capel y Nant, Clydach


Capel y Nant, Clydach

Capel y Nant in Clydach was formed when the congregations of Hebron Welsh Congregational Church, Carmel Welsh Congregational Church and Salem Presbyterian Church merged to form a new congregation making use of Carmel’s church building. The grant they received from Pantyfedwen was to modernise and improve the vestry, which will be used for worship and church meetings and be available for community use. Their mission statement is a good example of the vision which our Trustees are seeking to support:

Capel y Nant is a Welsh Church which is seeking to support and promote the Christian faith in Clydach, Swansea. We accept that we are on a spiritual journey and that this
journey is founded on the love of God, the grace of Jesus Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit. We endeavour to do our best to appreciate and to free the gifts possessed by all in our midst. With the support of Jesus's message we seek to challenge injustice in our local area, in Wales and in the world.

St Jerome's Church, Llangwm


St Jerome's Church, Llangwm

When St Jerome's Church in Llangwm, Pembrokeshire, had to face a huge bill for restoring their crumbling medieval church, they applied to many funders for support, including the James Pantyfedwen Foundation. They also decided to turn to their 12th century Flemish founders for help. Plans for a major research project on the little-known part played by Flemish invaders and settlers included DNA testing of local men (which revealed a genetic link all the way back to Flanders), an archaeological dig, a film, and monthly podcasts. But the jewel in the crown was a tapestry, The Talking Tapestry of Langum, drawn by a local artist, inspired by the drawings of local school children and stitched by 30 local women. It’s now on display in the newly restored church. The programme of restoration and the Heritage Llangwm Project has greatly enhanced the community use of the church and the number of visitors it attracts.

Gloddaeth Church


Gloddaeth Church

Gloddaeth United Church in Llandudno were given a grant to reorder the premises to ensure accessibility to all. The work included removing pews, levelling the floor, upgrading the toilet facilities and kitchen provision, creating a quiet/prayer room and office. Gloddaeth Church was formed from the merger of the Llandudno branch of the Presbyterian Church of Wales with the local United Reformed church, Christ Church, and the project described above exemplifies the church’s spiritual and practical mission within its community.

Capel Cildwrn


Capel Cildwrn, Llangefni

A grant was awarded to the Llangefni Evangelical Church at Cildwrn Chapel to support the work of installing a new floor and heating system and removing the pews to create a more effective space of worship and community use. Following the completion of the project, a very well-attended re-opening service and Open Day was held at Cildwrn, Llangefni, over the 2017 Easter weekend; with an exhibition in the chapel house depicting the history of the building.